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Faculty and Staff

  • Faculty
    • full-time teachers
    • part-time teachers
    • guest lecturers
    • guest researchers
    • exchange researchers
    • part-time researchers
    • research fellows
    • postdoctoral researcher
    • Ph.D. candidate researcher
    • professors emeritus
    • research assistants of the university
  • Staff

Library Admission

A library card is required for admission.

Procedures for Library Card Issuance

Fill out the required items on the library card application form and submit it at the counter. Present documentation to verify that you are a teacher or staff of the university (faculty ID, letter of appointment, etc.).
Come to the counter if there are changes to your registration details after the card is issued or if your card is lost or destroyed.

Attention to Library Users

  • Please be quiet inside the library.
  • Use library materials, equipment and facilities with care.
  • Do not eat or drink inside the library. (Except in case food and drink are permitted.)
  • Do not distribute printed materials or engage in solicitation inside the library without permission.
  • Smoking is prohibited inside the library.
  • Keep articles of value with you at all times.
  • Do not talk on or charge your mobile phone inside the library.
  • Refrain from behavior that may cause a nuisance to others.

Borrowing of Materials

Use the lending machine. Your library card is required.
Materials that cannot be processed by the lending machine (such as audio-visual materials) can be borrowed at the counter.

Number of materials that may be borrowed and period
Number of books Period
Faculty 15 4 weeks
Staff 10 2 weeks
  • Note: Magazines (excluding bound Japanese magazines at the Central Library) and reference only materials cannot be borrowed.
  • Note: Audio-visual materials at the Systems Design Library can only be borrowed for a period of one week.
  • Note: At the Health Sciences Library, full-time teachers may borrow audio-visual materials for one week and part-time teachers for one day.


Library-borrowed materials may be returned at any campus library. Please return it to the counter or the book drop installed outside the library.

Late Penalty

New materials cannot be borrowed if other materials are not returned by the deadline. You will be prohibited from borrowing materials again for the number of days you were late.

Loss/Damage of Materials

If you lose or damage materials, you will be required, in principle, to replace them. Notify the library immediately.

Extension of Borrowing Period

If no one has reserved the material before it is due back, the borrowing period may be extended (one time only; excluding those whose borrowing privileges have been temporarily revoked).
Perform the procedures using the lending machine. You can also perform the procedures using the online service (My Library).External Link
The period may be extended for a full borrowing period from the date of the extension.

Reservations/Ordering from Other Libraries

On-loan materials  may be reserved, and materials at the libraries of other campuses can be shipped to the library.
Perform the procedures from the OPACExternal Link search results.

  • Notes: If the “Reservation” button is not displayed, the material cannot be reserved or shipped from other libraries.
  • Notes: If your borrowing privileges have been temporarily revoked, you cannot make reservations or have materials shipped from other libraries.

Requests for photocopies of an article from a book(periodicals)/Loan of a book

Copies of papers not kept at the library can be ordered from other institutions, and books may be borrowed. Perform the procedures using the online service (My Library)External Link.

  • Note: The user is responsible for actual charges. Costs and time required vary depending on the institution.

Book Purchase Requests

You can place requests for books you would like the library to carry. Perform the procedures using the online service (My Library)External Link.

Use of Libraries of Affiliated Universities

Full-time teachers may use the libraries of Chuo University, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies and Tokyo University of Pharmacy and Life Sciences through a usage agreement. Check the appendixes () for service details.

Referral Letters

A referral letter is sometimes required when visiting the libraries of other universities and institutions. The campus library will inquire in advance and issue a referral letter if required. Apply using the online service (Application for Referral Letter).
Note: It will take approximately one week to issue the letter. Be sure to submit your application well in advance.


The librarian will answer questions regarding research. Inquire at the counter.
You can also use the online service (Online Reference).

See the individual library pages for details on their facilities.

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