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Graduates, former teachers and Open University (OU)

  • Graduates
    Graduates of the university and its previous incarnations (Tokyo Metropolitan University, Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Technology, Tokyo Metropolitan University of Health Sciences, etc.), those who have completed graduate school programs, those who have completed premium college students, those who completed credits but left before graduation (doctoral program)
  • Former teachers
    Those who have worked as a teacher at the university or one of its previous incarnations (Tokyo Metropolitan University, Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Technology, Tokyo Metropolitan University of Health Sciences, etc.)
  • Open University (OU)
    lecturers and members of Open University (OU)

Library Admission

A library card is required for admission. If you do not have a card, we will issue you a library card.
Note: At the Health Sciences Library, library cards are only issued to graduates and former teachers.

Procedures for Library Card Issuance

Fill out the required items on the library card application form and submit it at the counter. Present an ID confirming your name and address (driver’s license, health insurance card, etc.).

  • Notes: 1. If you are a graduate, let us know the year you graduated and the school to which you belonged.
  • 2. If you are an OU member, present your membership card.

Come to the counter if there are changes to your registration details after the card is issued or if your card is lost or destroyed.

Attention to Library Users

  • Please be quiet inside the library.
  • Use library materials, equipment and facilities with care.
  • Do not eat or drink inside the library. (Except in case food and drink are permitted.)
  • Do not distribute printed materials or engage in solicitation inside the library without permission.
  • Smoking is prohibited inside the library.
  • Keep articles of value with you at all times.
  • Do not talk on or charge your mobile phone inside the library.
  • Refrain from behavior that may cause a nuisance to others.

Borrowing of Materials

Use the lending machine. Your library card is required.
Materials that cannot be processed by the lending machine (such as audio-visual materials) can be borrowed at the counter.
Borrowing periods cannot be extended. or reserved. You cannot make reservation of materials. Materials at the libraries of other campuses cannot be shipped to the library.

Note: Materials at the Health Sciences Library cannot be borrowed.

Number of materials that may be borrowed and period
Number of booksPeriod
graduates, former teachers,
lecturers and members of Open University (OU)
5 2 weeks
  • Notes: Magazines (excluding bound Japanese magazines at the Central Library) and reference only materials cannot be borrowed.
  • Notes: Audio-visual materials at the Systems Design Library cannot be borrowed.


Borrowed materials may be returned at any campus library. After opening hours, return materials using the book drop outside the library.

Late Penalty

New materials cannot be borrowed if other materials are not returned by the deadline. You will be prohibited from borrowing materials again for the number of days you were late.

Loss/Damage of Materials

If you lose or damage materials, you will be required, in principle, to replace them. Notify the library immediately.


The librarian will answer questions regarding research. Inquire at the counter.

See the individual library pages for details on their facilities.

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