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Use of copy machines

  • Copy machine (B/W) x 1
    University Cooperative copy card is required. (Copy cards can be purchased from cooperative)
  • Multi-function machine with copy function (B/W and color) x 1
    Cash is required. (2,000 yen, 5,000 yen and 10,000 yen bills cannot be used)
  • Charges
    10 yen per B/W page
    50 yen per color page

When making copies at the library, please observe the following rules based on Article 31 of the Copyright Act:

  • It is only part (less than half) of a published copyrighted work
  • The number of copies is one per person
    1. Master’s theses and graduation theses are not generally considered published copyrighted works. The Copyright Act requires the author’s written permission to copy non-published materials.
    2. Theses and articles published in periodicals (newspapers, magazines, etc.) may be copied in full if a certain period of time has passed since publication (the next issue is out, three months has passed since publication, etc.).

    Printing from multi-function machine

    Data can be sent from the PCs in the library for printing. (B/W and color)
    Cash is required. (2,000 yen, 5,000 yen and 10,000 yen bills cannot be used)

    • Charges
      10 yen per B/W page
      50 yen per color page

    Temporary use of magazines outside the library

    Magazines cannot be borrowed.
    Magazines may be taken out of the library temporarily to get copies if returned the same day. Ask at the counter.
    The latest issues of magazines cannot be copied.

    Use of PCs

    Feel free to use the PCs at the library.
    You may also bring your own computer in and use it.
    Free Wi-Fi and telecommunications carrier services are not supported.

    Enrolled students, faculty and staff

    You may use the PCs and printer in the student PC corner.
    You will be asked for your ID and password when logging in.
    See the TMUNER websiteExternal Link for details. (This information is not managed at the library.)

    Wireless LAN is available.
    See the TMUNER websiteExternal Link for details. (This information is not managed at the library.)

    Those who are not students, faculty or staff

    Do not use the PCs for anything besides informational searches.

    Note: PCs (ID and password required for login) in the student PC corner are for the use of enrolled students, faculty and staff and may not be used by the general public.

    Use of AV corner

    CDs, DVDs, LDs, videos and cassette tapes selected from the AV materials shelves as well as FM radios can be watched/listened to.
    Please feel free to use them.

    Drinking in the library

    Eating and drinking is prohibited in the library, but you may drink from containers with lids (plastic bottles, water bottles, etc.) in the reading seats only.
    Drinking beside the bookshelves, around the PCs, at the AV corner, etc. is strictly prohibited.
    Be careful not to spill your drink or get water droplets on the materials.


    Bags can be kept in the lockers (cannot day only).
    Please feel free to use them.

    Note: A 100-yen coin is required, but it is returned after use.


    We carry the nine newspapers below. We keep the current day’s issue and issues going back two months.

    • Asahi Shimbun (morning/evening)
    • Mainichi Shimbun (morning/evening)
    • Yomiuri Shimbun (morning/evening)
    • Tokyo Shimbun (morning/evening)
    • Nihon Keizai Shimbun (morning/evening)
    • Sankei Shimbun
    • Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun
    • Nikkei Sangyo Shimbun
    • The Japan Times
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