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Access method from off-campus

Using GakuNin

The following electronic journals and databases that TMU subscribes to are also accessible off-campus through PCs and mobile terminals, just like it is connected to the internal campus network system. Additionally, you can seamlessly use multiple databases at the same time through one authentication.

About Authentication
  • undergraduates
  • graduate students
  • full-time teachers
  • professors emeritus
  • part-time teachers
  • researchers
  • trainees
  • research students
  • co-researcher
  • Foreign students(credit transfer students)
Login Method

On the login screen for each services, log in using your password for the e-mail system. If you are eligible for authentication but do not have an ID or password, please apply for a user ID.

For information about user accounts for the e-mail system, please click hereExternal Link.

Available services
Science DirectExternal Link (Elsevier) Login Manual (Adobe PDF494KB)
SCOPUSExternal Link (Elsevier) Login Manual (Adobe PDF223KB)
Wiley Online LibraryExternal Link (Wiley) Login Manual (Adobe PDF404KB)
Springer LinkExternal Link (Springer) Login Manual (Adobe PDF411KB)
NatureExternal Link (Nature publishing) Login Manual (Adobe PDF286KB)
EBSCOhostExternal Link (EBSCO) Login Manual (Adobe PDF335KB)
Web of scienceExternal Link (Thomson Reuters) Login Manual (Adobe PDF452KB)
CiNiiExternal Link (National Institute of Informatics) Login Manual (Adobe PDF200KB)
Maruzen eBook LibraryExternal Link (Maruzen) Login Manual (Adobe PDF315KB)
Japanknowledge LibExternal Link  Login Manual (Adobe PDF324KB)
Medical OnlineExternal Link Arakawa campus only Login Manual (Adobe PDF215KB)

Registering personal accounts with individual publishers

By creating a personal account for an individual publisher via a campus terminal, you can use the same services even when logging in from outside the university. Personal accounts must be obtained with each separate publisher. Functions such as alert notifications and search history may be available depending on the service.

Services for which you can register an account
Science DirectExternal Link / SCOPUSExternal Link(Elsevier) Manual for registaration of personal account
Springer LinkExternal Link (Springer) Manual for registaration of personal account
EBSCOhostExternal Link (EBSCO) Manual for registaration of personal account
CiNii (National Institute of Informatics) Manual for registaration of personal account *under constraction

Use via a VPN connection

To use these services via a VPN connection, please visit the external link (education and research information processing system website)External Link

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