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Online Reference

The librarian will answer questions regarding research.

  • Eligibility for service: Enrolled students, faculty and staff
    Note: All others are asked to use the inquiry form.
  1. The request may be declined depending on the nature of the question. (Health and legal consultations, investigations that infringe on privacy, requests to write reports or perform research, personal issues, etc.)
  2. Contact the library to cancel requests or if you have not heard back within a week.
    [Library Contact Information]New Window

* indicates a required field.

Enter the number under the barcode on your student ID or library card.

  1. Your question and the answer may be published on the library website as part of the examples of references. In such cases, care will be taken so that no information is provided that could identify the individual who asked the question.
  2. The personal information entered on this page will only be used to confirm and answer the online reference request.
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